Canada Day EPK & Rider 2022

Nate Wooley – trumpet

Matt Bauder- tenor sax

Pascal Niggenkemper – bass

Harris Eisenstadt – drums/compositions





Drummer/composer Harris Eisenstadt’s Canada Day has been widely acclaimed for presenting thoroughly entertaining, provocative programs of original compositions that blend modern jazz and spikier, avant-jazz styles. The group got its name when its first gig in Brooklyn took place on July 1, 2007 (the birthday of Eisenstadt’s home country). After fifteen years and seven recordings, the core principle remains the same: rhythm is the basis of everything happening, showing Eisenstadt’s devotion to traditional African and Diaspora music systems, while for Wooley, Bauder, and Niggenkemper, lyricism and abstraction are on equal terms here, often moving from one to the other and back in a flash.





Canada Day Quartet Live (Clean Feed 2019)

Canada Day Quartet On Parade in Parede (Clean Feed 2017)

Canada Day IV (Songlines 2016)

Canada Day III (Songlines 2013)

Canada Day Octet (482 Music 2013)

Canada Day II (Songlines 2011)

Canada Day (Clean Feed 2009)



Press Quotes:


“Harris Eisenstadt, a drummer and composer originally from Toronto, takes a fixer’s approach to music making, looking for ways to fit the pieces together. In his own music especially, he often seems intent on extracting consonance from dissonance or forging ungainliness into grace.

-New York Times


“The ever tuneful music seems to breathe, its blend of composition and improvisation feeling organic, even inevitable.”

-Downbeat Magazine


“This is a synergetic effort, often bursting with a remarkable harmony and effortless interplay.”

– Jazz Times Magazine


“The performance of streamlined structures by concentrated musical intelligences yields music that gets more surprising as you listen past its more familiar components.”

-Dusted Magazine



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Harris Eisenstadt and Canada Day– TECHNICAL RIDER – 2022


Nate Wooley – trumpet

Matt Bauder – tenor sax

Pascal Niggenkemper – acoustic bass

Harris Eisenstadt – drums


1 Announcement Mic (for use at drumset)


4 music stands, with professional clip-on lights where appropriate


Lighting: No specific requirements, except that musicians must be able to read music on stage


1 Professional quality double bass, preferably borrowed from a professional musician. Rental also acceptable. Artist will supply own bow. Preferred: double bass with pick up, 3/4 size, 4 strings, NO gut strings, carved wood, D-neck, adjustable bridge


1 Professional quality acoustic double bass amplifier (Acoustic Image or Galen Kruger preferred)


P.A., Microphones and Monitors, to be used at discretion of artist and venue.
(Mandatory for festivals and large concert spaces; for small clubs, to be decided between artist and venue at least 24 hours in advance of performance)



Preferred Kit: Professional quality Gretsch, Sonor, traditional sizes, not deep, drums from 1960s or 1970s if possible

1 Rack tom (mounted on drum, not on a stand) 8”x10” or 8”x12”

Floor tom (with legs, not attached to a rack or stand) 14”x14”

Snare Drum (wood preferred) 5”x14” or deeper (please, no piccolo snares)

Bass Drum 18” or 20″ diameter (please, no 22″ diameter)


Drumset Hardware

Yamaha is the preferred brand

2 cymbal stands (no boom preferred)

1 single rack tom mount, 1 hi-hat stand, 1 snare stand. 1 bass drum pedal

1 drum throne, 1 carpet that fits entire drumset


Drumset to be set up at least twenty minutes prior to soundcheck.